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    Bleach Original Soundtrack 1! Empty Bleach Original Soundtrack 1!

    Post by Sofaboy on Thu Jul 05, 2007 7:14 am

    Bleach Original Soundtrack 1 (Wait a few moments for the playlist to load)

    Bleach Original Soundtrack 1! Cover

    You will have to register at to be able to download:

    01.On the Precipice of Defeat
    03.Comical World
    04.Oh So Tired
    05.Head In The Clouds
    06.Ditty For Daddy
    07.Creeping Shadows
    08.Raw Breath of Danger
    09.Enemy Unseen
    10.Will Of The Heart
    11.Requiem For The Lost Ones
    12.Nothing Can Be Explained
    13.Burden Of The Past
    14.Destiny Awaits
    16.Heat Of The Battle
    17.Blaze Of The Soul Reaper
    18.Battle Ignition
    19.Never Meant To Belong
    20.Storm Center
    21.Number One
    22.Going Home
    23.Life Is Like A Boat
    24.Peaceful Afternoon
    25.Thank You!!

    Wait around 1 minute between each download!

    The artist is Shiro Sagisu on all of the tracks except:

    02. Asterisk - Orange Range
    12. Nothing Can Be Explained - Mike Wyzgowski
    21. Number One - Hazel Fernandez
    23. Life Is Like a Boat - Rie Fu
    25. Thank You!! - Home Made

    Bleach Original Soundtrack 1! Grimmjowsiggy

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